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4 ways to get from tech start-up to tech superstar

Technology is the present, and the future. Google’s working environment is seen as the epitome of ‘cool’, Apple is an aspirational brand, and the next tech start up could be tomorrow’s digital influencer. Who would have thought that app designers and social media companies could go from start up to international recognition in just a few short years?

Tech companies look at business in a different way. Set up, run and worked for by gamers, engineers and creative geniuses, these offices are not work places for suits and ties and corporate practices. There is also room for fun, inventiveness and innovative team and client bonding.

4 ways to get from tech start up to tech superstar


1. It’s about team bonding, not just team building

Teams work better together and are more productive if they are bonded. Getting a diverse group together at the beginning of a new project and then saying thanks by having some fun when completed, introducing new members into the team, celebrating the launch of a new product or having some well-deserved R + R at a summer party are just a few examples of how to get a team working well together.

2. Communicate about what is going on

We live in a new world (sort of). All that technology means freelancers, contractors and homeworkers. They need to know what’s going on in the business too. But who wants to attend just a stand up presentation? Share the news and get on the quad bikes or into the fast Honda Pilots.

3. Show your innovative side to clients

Don’t just present to your client, make a whole event out of it. Looking after customer relationships is important so stand out from the crowd. Bring clients along for a clay pigeon shoot, driving experience or a BBQ (see our article on why businesses should not worry about the Bribery Act).

4. Keep the talent within the company

Technology companies are growing fast and they need to keep the best talent. Keeping valuable staff in the team requires companies to make them feel appreciated. Internal communications and rewarding hard work is important to people. There is a lot of competition for your staff and it costs 12 times more to recruit new people than to keep your current ones on board.

That’s where Arena Pursuits comes in. From small groups to big companies, Arena can help.

What you can expect

Bespoke, memorable, rewarding events that meet your expectations and objectives

Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness

Half day, full day and overnight options which include glamping and yurts

Beautiful surroundings on the Kent/Sussex border

Personal hospitality

Choose your event

Anything from quad biking and inter-team challenges for up to 200 to geese herding and It’s a Knockout (it’s an oldie but still popular).

You can make your experience a little bit unique with various themes – we’ve done Bond, Spies, and Country Pursuits to name a few but if you have got an idea then we’ll see what we can do.

Consider your extra requirements

The hospitality doesn’t start and stop at our front gate. We can help arrange transport from stations/airports/Eurostar terminals and recommend accommodation locally, whether it be hotel, pub, private country house or even glamping.

Whether you are based in Kent, London, Sussex or beyond, we really are worth a visit.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

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