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Don’t forget your employees during company changes

Five tips to get your team on board

Change within a business can be unsettling for staff. Anything from new technology systems to company restructuring or a change in management will affect employees more than people realise.

Organisations cannot implement change and meet objectives without bringing employees along with them. This is proven in the fact that 70% of change programmes fail due to employee resistance and lack of support from management (McKinsey).


If handled well, changes within an organisation can actually boost team morale and increase productivity.

On a positive note, research by Prosci shows that companies that implement excellent change management projects are six times more likely to meet or exceed objectives than those displaying poor change management skills.

Tips to get your team on board

  1. Communication is key. Talk to your employees, share important information and key dates.
  2. Two way feedback. Give plenty of opportunities for employees to ask questions, such as workshops, face-to-face briefings and a dedicated email inbox. This helps to build up team morale and gives confidence in the stability of their role.
  3. Give tools to do job. Ensure everyone has the necessary tools and information to carry out their job. This could be a resource for FAQs and training courses or materials if required.
  4. Take away the stress of the workplace. Take the whole company or smaller teams out of the office to share information and ask for them to share their concerns. People are often more open without the constraints of the office.
  5. Continue with communication post completion of change. Don’t assume that the project is complete or all staff are happy with the organisational change once it has been implemented. People continue to need communication, the option to share thoughts and a review of their tools.

Get the team out of the office

Taking time out of the office as a group can be a good way to get feedback and answer any concerns as well as build a stronger team and show staff that they are appreciated.

At Arena Pursuits we have conference and meeting facilities that teams use to share news and updates, answer questions and ask for feedback in an informal setting.

This business time is then backed up by team building and bonding tasks, or just some fun. This could be anything from raft building and other team tasks to quad biking or clay pigeon shooting. There is also the option to make an evening of it with a barbeque, or a two day event and experience glamping.

About Arena Pursuits

Arena Pursuits has 27 years of experience in creating, tailoring and fine tuning events to meet the objectives of individual companies.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

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