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Fun, educational, outdoor activities for Kent, Sussex and London schools


Inject a bit of fun into the educational experience at Arena Pursuits, the outdoor activities company with over 25 years' experience.

Arena has developed a wide range of events for 6-18 year olds and is ideally located on the Kent and Sussex border to enable schools in London and throughout the South East to travel and engage in either a half day or full day programme of events, all tailored to suit the age group, and abilities involved.

And with all the required insurances as well as safety equipment and trained and experienced instructors on hand, teachers and parents have peace of mind that the children are in safe environment.


How is it educational?

Spending time outside is important – letting off steam in a controlled environment, fresh air and exercise are key parts of physical health, and growing up. With current NHS guidelines stating that 5-18 year olds should have 60 minutes of exercise per day a trip to Arena Pursuits has physical benefits, on top of mental benefits and entertainment.

Designed for all levels of ability and fitness, many of Arena’s events underline and fulfil various requirements of the National Curriculum.

Plus, activities are not only fun but help to develop initiative, teamwork and leadership skills in a fairly disciplined environment away from the pressures of everyday life.

What can you do?

From new class induction days and team building to leavers’ parties and keeping boarders entertained at the weekend – Arena Pursuits has a whole host of activities to keep them motivated and smiling.

  • For younger children events range from a simple obstacle course through to various team activities and woodland-based adventure games.
  • For older children activities could also include Paintballing, Quad Trekking, Early Learning Driving, Orienteering, Team Night Exercises, Survival and Bush craft and Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Recent events

Here are just a few of the recent events we have run:

• Paintball games for several girls-only and mixed sex boarding schools
• Team building events for Year 10 – ideal to help integrate new students joining the 5th form
• Team activities for Years 3 and 4 from a Gillingham primary school
• Prefect selection
• End of term/leavers parties
• Clay Pigeon Shooting
• Quad Bike trekking

What other schools say:

“Thanks very much to you and all your great team for another hugely successful visit to Arena much enjoyed by all of us. It is such good leadership training and team work learning within the great variety of activities.” Paul, Holmewood House

“I just want to pass on my thanks from all the Year 6 Beechwood leavers and parents involved, for a fantastic activity afternoon last Friday. It was super and a great way for all the kids to finish off their time in the prep school.” Sarah, Beechwood School

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