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Happy and well-motivated employees are your most important asset

Do you know how happy your team is at work?

A recent survey showed that almost half of employees are unhappy or unenthusiastic at work. One of the main things cited as lacking in disheartened staff (and valued by content ones) is recognition and a simple thank you for hard work (Personal Group)

If you consider that happy employees are 12% more productive according to research by University of Warwickshire, then giving staff the recognition and reward they deserve makes business sense.


Stress at work accounts for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to illness (HSE). Workers cite workload pressures, including tight deadlines and too much responsibility as well as a lack of managerial support as the main causes of stress, anxiety and depression.

Companies have a duty of care to their employees and are required to conduct risk assessments for work-related stress, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

This all paints a rather bleak picture of the UK workforce. However, all is not lost – employers and line managers can turn it around.

If companies and public service organisations understand that people just need a little recognition, a thank you, together with communication and support from both line managers and management teams, there are some easy solutions.

“A HUGE thank you to your team and especially yourself for all the hard work and for arranging such a fun filled event for the Finance Team last Thursday. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are requesting regular similar events for the future.”

Anne-Marie West, Hastings Direct

Make your team happy with these simple steps

Communication – motivate the whole team by sharing the business strategy and news and highlight how staff can get behind the plan. Business presentations like these are often followed by a social event. At Arena Pursuits we have conference facilities on-site as well as collaboration with local venues to provide the best facilities to suit you.

Team building – build new teams, reinforce existing teams and learn new skills on an activity day. It’s a fun and stress free way to motivate people. Team tasks can include anything from Canal Crossing and motorised activities to geese herding and even 00.7 Bond Days.

Rewards and recognition – a simple and genuine thank you is usually enough. However, from time-to-time employers should invest in something a little more special. Summer staff parties are a great way to reword hard work. Clay pigeon shooting and Honda Pilots followed by dodgems, a barbeque and glamping should make sure everyone feels a little appreciated and in turn, appreciate the company they work for.

“Thank you for a fabulous day which was more than expected, the whole experience is just what we needed to make sure the communication through the firm continues to grow. Your team there are a real credit to you and made the day go exceptionally smoothly and the lunch was absolutely great.”

James Emson, Clive Emson Auctioneers

Top tips

  1. Managers need to be the ones personally communicating to staff to show their commitment. It’s also good to get involved in team building to show your human side. However, step back from social events and let colleagues have a little fun.
  2. Presentations shouldn’t just be one way communication. Feedback and questions should be welcomed. Two way conversations help highlight issues and find solutions.
  3. Take the outcomes back into the workplace. Successful companies listen to employees, respond to feedback and make positive changes where they can.

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