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How to grow your business through building and engaging your team

Firstly, team building is not a cliché

The phrase ‘team building’ often concerns an employee. Isn’t that a day of ‘forced fun’ for colleagues who don’t know each other very well and are expected to be best friends and model employees from then on?

It can also worry managers. Will he or she have to come up with something funny and motivating to share with the group on an expensive day out that ends up just being a day of lost production?

It shouldn't be that way.

Team building is about

  • engaging employees in the company’s message,
  • breaking the ice in a new project team,
  • saying thank you to the workforce for their hard work, and...
  • giving colleagues the opportunity to share a non-work experience.

All these support staff motivation.

Staff motivation is essential for business

Motivated and well rewarded staff = a happy work force = increased productivity, profit and a secure future for all. Here are some quotes and studies on the importance of motivated staff.

Richard Branson famously once said that companies should prioritise employees over customers and shareholders as happy employees will look after their customers which in turn keeps shareholders satisfied.

A Harvard study found that camaraderie (“to have good, productive relationships with fellow employees”) is one of the three key goals that must be satisfied for enthusiastic employees.

On top of that, two studies cited in this infographic found that organisations with highly engaged employees have an annual net income which is double that of those companies with a demotivated workforce. Isn’t that what every employer wants?

Take the team away from the office

If you’re convinced about the importance of an engaged team but think you can do that in the office, here are 5 reasons to have time away from the workplace.

  • A different, non-corporate setting minimises distractions (e.g. emails and other colleagues) and gets people to focus on the important message
  • Business information can be conveyed in a more relaxed style so the audience can better take on board what has been shared
  • Incorporating a bit of fun builds camaraderie and team spirit and gives colleagues something to talk about back in the office
  • Team days are a way to say thank you – helping staff to feel valued and motivated to be more productive in the office
  • A team day away from the office improves communication skills, fosters networking between individuals and departments and raises confidence and self-esteem – all positive benefits that can be taken back to, and implemented in, the workplace.

Make your team building experience memorable, rewarding and fun

Team activities at Arena Pursuits are not only fun and challenging, but they are designed to promote working together, problem solving and seeing a project through from inception to completion. All essential skills for an equipped and enabled workforce.

We work with a company to tailor a programme that meets their objectives. With more than 25 years of experience in building corporate team days, we’ve learnt a few things along the way that will help you, and the team, get the most out of the day.

From Team Tasks and Leadership Training, the Assault Course and Country Pursuits to 00.7 Bond Days, Geese Herding and Quad Bike Trekking, there is so much to choose from that you will certainly be able to create a day for your team to benefit from.

Find something to suit everyone

You can’t build and engage a team if only half of them are enjoying themselves. At Arena, we want everyone to have a good time. We can tailor activities and days to suit people of all abilities – strength, fitness and agility. And some tasks can be adapted to cater for disabilities.

As Brian Scudamore, entrepreneur and CEO of O2E says, team building is an important investment and not an expense – get your team working together today, call Arena Pursuits on 01580 879614 or visit our Corporate Events webpage

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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