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Motivating staff through Brexit

by Peter Reeves, Managing Director

It has been a tough time for businesses. The ‘credit crunch’ and recession may be over, but Brexit and the uncertainties it brings is a cause for concern. Most companies immediately think of cost cutting measures or pulling out of markets to get through. However, cutting the wrong things or going too far risks demotivating staff and reducing productivity. Exactly what you don’t want if your company is about to experience a huge change in the status quo.


Take this example:

“I always look forward to the Christmas Party. Working by myself and being on the road serving Fire Extinguishers, the annual event gives me an opportunity to meet all the new people who have joined the company during the year and have some fun. With the company paying it shows that they appreciate all the work that we put in. Do you know what? This year they cancelled it and I am really fed up. I don’t know why I bother.”

On further investigation, the annual turnover of staff at the company was a high 25%. Morale was very low resulting in poor productivity and the cost of losing experienced operators and then recruiting and training up the right candidates was enormous. To directors something like a staff party probably seems insignificant, but the impact of stopping it on employees can be huge.

This is not an unusual tale. During tough economic times many companies are looking to cut training, team building away days and incentives. This short-sighted approach will severely affect these businesses as they try to survive and compete in the new world created by Brexit – even more so if nothing really changes in terms of how we trade.


With over 27 years of experience in corporate events, I have seen many clients, from multinationals through to SMEs and firms with only a handful of employees, benefit from a motivational event. The majority of people are social animals and want to be part of a successful team. They also crave recognition not only from their fellow employees but from their employers. The latter does not have to be in monetary terms. In fact, a Team Building/reward day can be ideal as it not only builds team spirit and self confidence but it shows that the company recognises the individual’s contribution and hard work.

Whether it is a Quad Biking session, learning various country pursuits, an Inter-Team Challenge or a full blown 00.7 Bond Day, a small investment in motivating and rewarding employees will bring big dividends in the future.

Watch our corporate 00.7 Bond Day video for inspiration for your next team day.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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