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Night Exercises for Schools

Duration : 3 - 3½ Hours

Helping schools develop initiative, teamwork and leadership

Arena has developed Night Exercises for Schools, a unique teambuilding event which is ideal for schools looking for a Team Building activity with a difference.

Normal seasons are Spring and Autumn as darkness is required to make the event challenging and effective.

The activities are:

Assault Course: with teams tackling the obstacles slowly and methodically as they have to take an "injured person” (straw dummy) with them.

Escape & Evasion Exercise: using 2 camps at opposing ends of 2 fields each team has to capture the opposition’s flag and return it safely to their base whilst defending their own base.

Woodland Map Reading: using large scale maps the teams have to find 10 different locations and mark down their unique symbols on their own score sheet.

Equipment Required:

Warm waterproof outer layers and sturdy footwear, together with hats and gloves, All participants should bring torches and a complete change of clothing.

Food & Drink:

Arena can provide hot chocolate, tea, coffee & biscuits and Kit-Kats at the end of the evening before students leave the site. Price £5 per head including VAT.

Adult Supervision:

We require 1 adult per 8 participants.

Night Exercises for Schools

Prices per head (inc. VAT)

£37.50 based on a minimum of 30 participants and a maximum of 90.


The event normally takes 3-3 ½ hours to include initial briefings and the activities. We run the event from dusk onwards, depending on the time of year.

This event is ONLY available to schools.

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