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Honda Pilots

Half Day : Approximately 1¼ Hours

Driving the Honda Pilots is an ideal activity for groups as well as individuals, i.e. Stag Days, Hen Parties, Birthdays, Social Clubs etc.

Stag or Hen goes FREE for all groups of 10 or more!*

*Excepting Paintball Games where Stag or Hen goes FREE for all groups of 15 or more.

Top Gear Type Challenge

An opportunity to be play one of your favourite characters – Jezza, Captain Slow, The Hamster or even secretive Stig. Why not design each other’s T Shirts ready to wear on the day?

With a 400cc engine in the back the Pilots are ideal for timed laps around a demanding course with plenty of grunt for opposite lock power slides.

After this there is the anti-clockwise laps with emergency stops, donuts around a fixed cone and reversing into a garage (not a real one in this case).

Then it is the Figure of 8 relay with Le Mans type change overs in the “Pits”.

Includes initial welcome, briefings and tea/coffee breaks. All equipment and safety kit is provided.


All participants must wear sturdy footwear, warm, waterproof clothing, long trousers, long-sleeved tops and thin gloves. Bring a complete change of warm kit & footwear. THIS IS ESSENTIAL THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.


Arena has a selection of helmets.

Honda Pilots Prices per head (inc. VAT)

6-7 participants - 1¼ hours
8-12 participants - 1½ hours

Group Size:

6-7 participants - £95 per head
8-12 participants - £85 per head

We can run the event for less than this number but in certain cases reserve the right to charge for 6. If you wish to book and exclusive event for a smaller group please look at the SMALL GROUPS ideas.