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00.7 Bond Day

The Arena Bond 00.7 Day© combines high competition, lots of gadgets and an enormous amount of fun in the pursuit of World Domination.

Participants are divided into teams: M16 & CIA v SMASH & SCEPTRE.

There will be opportunities for double agents who will start off as sleepers in their teams, but will be activated during the day to spy on their fellow team members and sabotage their plans. These agents will be approached early on in the event and will be recruited for both idealistic and financial reasons. Blackmail could be another factor, so any background information on participants would be useful.

The Objective: World Domination!

Time required: 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day events can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Please contact the Office on 01580 879614 to discuss the events you would like to include in your 00.7 Bond Day.

Typical 00.7 Bond Day events are described below:


The Great Chase

Driving two Honda Pilot rally karts, team members will have the opportunity for practice sessions before competing against the clock.

With up to 40hp in the back, a full race harness and helmets, these fully automatic machines are ideal for plenty of opposite lock sideways driving.


The exciting Figure of Eight relay in the Honda Pilots.

Will you hold your nerve as you go wheel to wheel?

2 tracks so each team can race against each other with Le Mans type change overs in the "Pits".

The Deadly Cocktail Challenge

Using Quad Bikes, team members have to search our purpose-built "Jungle" area to collect as many ingredients as possible within the time allowed in order to concoct an earth shattering cocktail that will not only blow your mind, but also the opposition if they ever get a sniff of it (with or without a cyanide capsule). As Bond is also a wine connoisseur there will be a selection of fine wines to discover. Cocktails will be mixed at the end of the day with extra gold bars awarded for the most appropriate name.

Licensed To Kill...


...With Gun, Knife or Bare Hands

Following M's confiscation of 00.7's Beretta, he was issued with the Walther PPK.

Whilst we do not use this piece of kit, we do use Paintball Marker Guns which can be used to very satisfactorily obliterate the targets by covering them in paint. The better the shooting, the more gold bars for the team.


Using Quad Bikes team members have to find 16 points around the 250 acre site using local maps.

These are located adjacent to the 8 miles of private internal tracks, roadways and headlands. Each point will have a question relating to the gadgets used in the various films.

Half the team will be out with the instructor at any one time, whilst the others are back at HQ researching the answers. They will be in contact with each other by radio.

Swamp Crossing

Unlike in "Dr No" where 007 and Honey Ryder hide underwater and breathe through reeds to escape the deadly Doctor's henchmen, here the objective is to keep above the water, in order to collect and defuse a bomb.

Raft building skills come to the fore, but Q has very little input. At least there are none of Dr Kananga's crocodiles around looking for an early lunch - or are there?

Oddjob's Bowler

Oddjob is very particular on how his hats are stacked. The smaller ones must be on the top and the larger ones on the bottom. Even steel rimmed ones can lose their shape. The team has to move them from one hat peg to another, without spoiling the order. Get it right and he will be your faithful servant forever and even carry your golf clubs. Get it wrong and woe-betide your marble statues. Remember what he did to the golf ball? Upset him and he could do the same to yours - just the thought makes your eyes water!

Assault Course


All operatives need to prove their fitness in the field, otherwise they could be destined for a desk job.

After a gentle practice it is then a race against the other budding agents to win top place for your team.

Don't worry - it's not that onerous!

The Helicopter Mission: Search and Destroy

Using Little Nellie's grown up brother, a 4-seater Bell Jet Ranger piloted by one of our most highly trained and experienced operatives (Pussy Galore?) the team has the following objectives:

- to fly over and protect their main HQ

- to infiltrate and destroy the enemy's main bases

Using large scale tourist maps of SE England, a list of cryptic clues and visitor brochures, each team has to plan their route in order to fly over home and enemy bases as well as many point scoring castles and historic features as possible in the time allowed. Flight can be either 20 minutes (34 miles) or 30 minutes (50 miles).