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Corporate Activity Days

Arena Pursuits is a Corporate Entertainment, Team Building and Outdoor Pursuits company based on 250 acres on the Kent/Sussex border, overlooking Bewl Water.

We can tailor an exciting day made up of a combination of the many activities we have on offer, typically including motorised events such as Honda Pilots, Quads, the Reverse Steer Challenge, and land based activities such as team building exercises, archery and laser clays.

With a broad range of activities on offer, we can build your event to suit your goals and budget, and guarantee that all participants will learn new skills and have a great time.

Motorised Activities

Honda Pilots

One of the fastest growing and most popular forms of company entertainment. Try the fast Pilots around the demanding course, plenty of grunt for opposite lock power slides.

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Quad Bikes

Practice in the parkland and then, with an instructor in the lead, take on some of the eight miles of tracks, roadways and headlands around the site. Great views of Bewl Water and varied riding conditions from winding woodland paths, undulating sections to fast open areas.

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Reverse Steer

Think you know how to drive? Try the Reverse Steer Vehicle. Turn the wheel left and you go right and vice versa. Put on a blindfold and rely on your navigator to tell you where to go! Great for improving communication skills.

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Land Based Activities


Target & Field Archery set in both parkland and surrounding woods - you can try your hand at being Robin Hood under expert tuition.

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Clay Pigeon

An opportunity to try Clay Pigeon Shooting. We provide the instructors, all the equipment, and cater for both the beginner and the experienced shot. Feel the satisfaction when you hit the clays.

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Laser Clays

Ideal for large groups and off site venues. Using Beretta over and under guns with a laser which is linked up to an electronic score board, up to 5 people can shoot at any one time.

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Paintball Games

Great for team building and getting to know people - particularly if you are stuck in the same trench. You don't have to be fit or agile to play and it could be your only chance to get your own back on the Sales Manager!

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Team Building

Put the Sales Team against the Production Team, and see how people work together when faced with tasks away from the workplace. Ideal for developing such skills as communication, leadership, delegation, flexibility and time management.

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Arena has developed various orienteering sessions which can be used either as a competitive team building or fund raising event. Teams will be issued with a list of map references, each of which relates to a cryptic clue. The answer can only be found by visiting the actual spot.

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Mountain Biking

Orienteering with a difference! Not only will you have the chance to ride around some of the stunning tracks and 4x4 courses on site but take on the 12½ miles of the round Bewl circuit. Mountain Bikes and helmets provided.

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A wonderful opportunity to get close to some of these magnificent birds. After an introduction and short history of Falconry there will be an opportunity for some hands on experience.

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Geese Herding

You have seen One Man and His Dog on television. Now is your chance to work with man's best friend and these feathered fellows! After some quick instruction, you could be in charge of herding the flock of geese into a pen with just a few basic commands. Very satisfying, even for the armchair country lover.

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Let's face it, we are all kids at heart. The Dodgems are great way of rounding off a day at Arena. Combine it with an evening BBQ, marquee, dance floor, bar, band or disco and you have the "icing on the cake" of your summer party or client event.

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