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Corporate Team Building Events

Developing communication, planning, organisation, teamwork, creativity and leadership

Arena has a wide experience of running corporate teambuilding events for many companies, both large and small, in helping to foster team spirit and enabling people to get to know each other better away from the work environment. They are a great way of developing and retaining important relationships between customers, clients, introducers and suppliers.

Team Tasks

Our packages, whether at the secluded Arena site or at the location of your choice, provide a range of team building exercises which allow teams of all kinds to assess and develop their abilities in such areas as communication, planning and organising, creativity and leadership.

After each team building exercise feedback is supplied by experienced facilitators, allowing teams to assess and take accurate stock of their abilities and how best to use each team member to achieve task/team and individual goals. Conflict or tension inherent in the team is often either brought to the surface and dealt with in a non-work, and therefore less threatening environment, or is reduced by the need to work together under pressure on projects which are demanding, but fun at the same time.

The activities offered by Arena can be modified to focus on the particular needs of specific teams, and can readily be run within the framework of a more far-reaching team development programme involving, for example, Team Role Analysis and other classroom activities.

During the Team Building Tasks we look for individual skills...






Decision Making

Time Management

Man Management


What are Team Building Tasks?

As well as being fun, the competitive element and team development the tasks encourage will be of great benefit in the workplace.

Tasks include:


The group is divided into 2 teams. The 2 shepherds (one from each team) have to get their blindfolded sheep into the pen in the shortest possible time via the far side only.

The sheep cannot talk (surprise, surprise!) The shepherd can only use letters (A-Z), numbers, and the word ‘STOP’.


Get the whole team safely from one side of the minefield to the other, together with a part filled 25 litre drum of "blood plasma" in the shortest possible time.

No team member or equipment can touch the ground and may only step on the equipment or on stepping blocks. Nobody may jump from one block to another. They must use a piece/pieces of equipment, which must cover the ground between the blocks.


Get the bucket part-filled with water on to the top of the pole and leave it there with nothing attached. The boundary barrier is approximately 3m away from the pole and 1m from the ground.

No team member or equipment can touch the pole or the ground inside the boundary fence or the boundary tape. If a piece of equipment touches the pole or the ground inside the barrier, the team then loses the use of this piece of equipment.


Get every member of the team from one side of the 7m wide canal and back again during the course of the event, without them touching the water. Collect the barrel of "vital medical supplies" (a 25 litre white drum with handle ¾ full of water) from the far side of the canal back to this side without team members touching it directly and to get the injured team member from the far side to this side assuming he has severe spinal injuries.


Get three barrels from one side of the wood to the far side in the shortest possible time. None of the barrels may be touched by the team members.

At the three 10m wide Ravine crossing points no team member, nor equipment, nor barrel may touch the ground.

If any team member touches a barrel accidentally, a 30 second penalty will be added.


Get the whole team from one side of the spider's web to the other without touching any of the ropes via the gaps in the rope in the shortest possible time.

Each team member must go through a different "hole" plus the team must go through the holes in sequence.

If any member touches a rope/pole/tree, the whole team goes back and starts again!


Construct a flag pole from the equipment provided and then fly a flag from the top of the pole, which must be situated in the middle of the "no-go" area.

If any team member or equipment touches the ground inside the "no-go" area (except for the flag pole, which must be secured before the flag is flown) all the equipment must be returned to its starting position and the exercise repeated.


Move 5 tyres from peg A to peg C leaving them in the correct order of size - largest at bottom, smallest at top.

Only one tyre can be moved at a time. There can never be a larger tyre placed over a smaller tyre. Each tyre must be on a peg before another is moved. Tyres cannot be thrown and pegs cannot be moved. Each time a ground rule is broken a team member has to drop out.


Aim: For every team member to have skied around the Obstacle Course in the shortest possible time.

Feet must stay on a minimum of one ski at any one time when skiing. If anyone falls off the skis they must "re-mount" with no advantage gained.

A maximum of 5 people on the skis at any one time (if a team of 6) and 4 if a team of 5.


Move 25 litres of water from the starting point to the empty barrel 14 metres away using the equipment provided. Neither the original barrel or the empty barrel can enter the taped off area.

Once the drainage system has been built and the water is poured, team members may not touch any of the pipes, guttering or supports.


Move the Field Gun from Point A to Point B in the shortest possible time and reassemble the Gun in the correct order ready to fire.

Different areas may be used: around the Assault Course, across the parkland, through the woods or over a Canal.


Get the whole team plus the injured man "dummy" plus the 25 litre barrel around the Assault Course in the shortest possible time.

At least 3 team members must go at a time and at no time can there be less than 2 people carrying the dummy.


Construct a method of transporting all team members (the Flintstones and Rubbles) from one side of the 8m wide "no go area" to the other in the shortest possible time.

No team member can touch the ground between the tapes.


Get all team members safely through the alleyway negotiating all obstacles along the way and to transport equipment & puzzle pieces for correct assembly on the other side.

When inside the alley, team members must be blindfolded and all team members and equipment must travel in a forwards direction at all times.


Plan 2 x 50 miles helicopter trips starting and finishing at Arena. Each flight must gain as many points as possible by flying over 3 enemy bases and defending 3 home bases.

Cryptic clues refer to places of interest in the area. Each of these will be worth a set amount of points. If any flight is more than 50 miles no points are scored.


Half Day (3-3½ hours) - from £85 per head + VAT (min £850 + VAT)

Full Day (6-6½ hours) - from £135 per head + VAT (min £1350 + VAT)

Important Information

All team building activities are designed to be successfully achieved by any group that is prepared to work together. Age and fitness are not barriers and we welcome individuals who may have physical disabilities. Whilst they may not be able to partake in the implementation of a particular task, they can be a valuable asset in the planning stage as well as taking on a role of co-ordinator and motivator during the tasks.

Many clients mix a half-day of the Team Tasks with either Paintballing, itself an excellent team building tool, or a mix of Country Pursuits and Motorised Activities. Learning and then succeeding in a new skill which is exciting, rewarding and fun helps to get participants to talk to each other, thereby breaking down barriers and building friendships both on site and then in the workplace.

Arena is able to draw on a wide range of outside facilitators, but is happy to work with companies' independent consultants and specialists in their various fields.

All participants must bring sturdy footwear and a change of clothing. Refreshments are provided.

All Year Round Facilities

Arena offers either a full day indoors or a morning theory session with the opportunity to put into action what they have discussed and learnt previously in the afternoon. For classroom and conference facilities we use Dale Hill (5 minutes from site), with rooms ideal for 6 - 150 with flipcharts, AV, refreshments, plenty of parking, tea/coffee and biscuits on arrival.