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Psychometric Assessments

Are your team members playing to their strengths?


Arena Training is delighted to offer industry leading, state of the art online assessments on the key personal development areas that drive your managers and their teams.

With the current and future pressures on increasing team & individual performance with fewer resources and securing people with not only the right skills but also the right attitude, it is critical that accessible & accurate methods of objective assessment are employed.

Not only this, but they must be value for money & easy to administer.

Not much to ask for is it!!

Actually, whether you need to evaluate an employee's management ability prior to promotion or identify training & development needs, we can offer the right solution.

Our range of assessments are administered by an easy to access, easy to navigate online portal, where reports are produced immediately.

The results are displayed in a straightforward format that allows access directly or via line management/HR to facilitate feedback.

Frequently, this is combined with a one to one development session provided by an accredited coach, to help focus on development areas and required actions.

Here are some of our recommended assessments:

Emotional Intelligence

Managers & leaders tend to be more successful in their careers with a high EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) even with an average IQ.


Without the right leadership behaviour, even the most technically skilled manager will struggle to deliver the best team performance

Management Skills

This test will assess whether somebody possesses the competencies & capabilities to be an effective manager

Time Management

Easy to do, difficult to master! This will assess whether somebody uses time effectively, and their attitude to organisation

Communication Skills

Vital for both successful internal relationships and also with customers and other key stakeholders

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