Stag, Hen and Adult Events at Arena Pursuits

Single Activity Events
Team Tasks & Assault Course Quad Bike Trekking Paintball Games Clay Pigeon Shooting Orienteering Mountain Bike Orienteering Foraging Fitness Bootcamps

Multi Activity Events
00.7 Bond Stag and Hen Day Quad Biking & Honda Pilots Quad Biking & Clay Pigeon Shooting Quad Biking & Reverse Steer Vehicle Quad Biking, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing Reverse Steer, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing Archery & Quad Biking Archery & Reverse Steer Vehicle Archery & Clay Pigeon Shooting Mix'n'Match

Small Groups

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Stag Dos, Hen Parties & Adult Social Events

With over thirty years' experience running outdoor pursuits, Arena is the ideal choice for groups of friends to share an adrenaline packed activity day with a difference.

Stag or Hen goes FREE for all groups of 10 or more!*

*Excepting Paintball Games where Stag or Hen goes FREE for all groups of 15 or more.

If you are planning a Stag Do or Hen Party, a social event for a club or society, or a family celebration, Arena has an event to suit.

Stag and Hen Parties and Weekends regularly bring together family and old friends from all over the country and further afield. Starting your event with a selection of exciting outdoor activities at Arena will ensure your guests get to know one another and make your special event even more memorable. With a great selection of hotels, inns and pubs within easy reach, you are guaranteed to have plenty to discuss and laugh about afterwards over a good meal and a drink.

Our site has been carefully developed to provide a wide range of year-round facilities spread over 250 acres overlooking South East England's largest lake, Bewl Water.


Planning a Party?

Whether it is a small group of 6 friends or 160 guests for a summer party with a difference, Arena can offer a selection of challenging and fun outdoor events run by professional instructors.

For the ultimate Stag and/or Hen event, why not organise a spectacular 00.7 Bond Day that you and your friends will never forget?

We can cater for any number of participants, although minimum numbers do apply on most events. The 4x4 Off Road Driving Experience is available for a single participant, and Quad Biking is available for two or more. We have also created a range of events tailored for Small Groups of five or more.

Adult Group, Stag and Hen Party Ideas

We have listed main components of the events below. To find out more and to book, simply click the event name.

For example, if high speed thrills driving the Honda Pilot grass karts appeals, you can choose from Quad Biking & Honda Pilots, 00.7 Bond Stag/Hen Day, Mix'n'Match or Small Groups.

Clicking the appropriate choice will take you to a page containing all the relevant information, including prices and booking details.

Honda Pilots

Have you fancied being a rally driver - plenty of power slides and opposite lock driving? These bits of kit are ideal for bringing out the beast in all of us. Plenty of power, fully automatic and all the controls on the steering wheel.

Practice sessions and then timed laps against the clock. Overcook it on the corners and it is donut time!

Available Events

Quad Biking & Honda Pilots 00.7 Bond Stag/Hen Day Mix'n'Match Small Groups

Quad Bikes

Welcome to the World of the Quad Bikes. Great fun and ideal for all levels of experience. If you have not ridden them before our experienced Instructors are on hand to give you a thorough briefing before taking you out onto the 250 site.

You will sample the parkland settings, some of the 8 miles of private tracks as well as the 2 off road 4 x 4 courses.

Available Events

Quad Trekking Quad Biking & Honda Pilots Quad Biking & Clay Pigeon Shooting
Quad Biking & Reverse Steer Vehicle Quad Biking, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing 00.7 Bond Stag/Hen Day Mix'n'Match Small Groups

Reverse Steer Vehicle

Experience the confusion of the Reverse Steer 4x4 - turn the wheel left and go right and visa versa - Eeeek!

Or for that extra challenge try it blindfolded following your co-driver's instructions - can you trust your teammate?

This will certainly test your teamwork!

Available Events

Quad Biking & Reverse Steer Vehicle Reverse Steer Vehicle & Target Archery Reverse Steer, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing Mix'n'Match Small Groups


Paintballing has been going for over 25 years and is still enormous fun. Armed with the Inferno markers and plenty of ammo, you and the team have various challenges to win - Flag Swipe in the Speedball arena, Attack and Defend in the woods, Ambush Alley and last but by no means the least, The Stag Hunt!.

We provide the overalls, guns, gas and paintballs. You just need to bring some friends and get stuck in.

Paintball Games

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Armed but not dangerous! If you have ever wanted to try Clay Pigeon Shooting or improve your skills, this is for you. We use CPSA Instructors and provide the guns - over and under 12 bores for the gentlemen and 20 bore for the ladies plus clays, cartridges and ear defenders. After an initial briefing it is your chance to have a practice before the competition starts. Several different stands such as Rising Teal, Left to Right and Going Away. The exhilaration of smashing the clays (before they hit the ground!) is something everyone should experience.

Available Events

50 Clay Pigeon Shoot Clay Pigeon Shooting & Quad Biking Clay Pigeon Shooting & Target Archery


Try your hand at what is said to be Robin Hood & Maid Marion's second favourite pastime!

Available Events

Reverse Steer Vehicle & Target Archery Clay Pigeon Shooting & Target Archery Mix'n'Match Small Groups



Arena Pursuits has developed various orienteering sessions, both half and full day, which are ideal as a fun event for Stag and Hen days, or could be used as a competitive team building or fund raising event.

Using 1:25.000 scale maps, compasses are not required as field boundaries are shown in detail to aid navigation.

Teams will be issued with a list of map references, each of which relates to a cryptic clue.

The answer can only be found by visiting the actual spot. The most distant places will be worth more points, but they cannot all be visited in the time allowed.


Mountain Bike Orienteering

Don't have a Mountain Bike - don't worry. We can provide a suitable bike for you plus cycling helmet. Superb countryside overlooking Bewl Water and miles of purpose built tracks on site makes this an orienteering event with a difference. Over 20 different locations to be visited within the time and each one worth a certain amount of points. Remember, Points Mean Prizes. Work out the route that best suits your team and get peddling.

Mountain Bike Orienteering

Team Tasks

Looking for a day with a difference? Reasonably competitive and a lot of fun, the Team Tasks are an ideal way of people getting to know each other before the big day. The Assault Course, Fred's Cadillac, Minefield, Discs and Canal Crossing are some of the tasks on offer. We provide the Instruction and safety kit but you need to provide the change of clothing – especially if you are the Stag or Hen as you could get very wet.

Available Events

Team Tasks Quad Biking, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing Reverse Steer, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing Mix'n'Match Small Groups


A bit different from the normal Stag/Hen event but one of the best ways of working up a sweat and thirst ready for the evening. The event is catered to the fitness levels of the group . Included warm ups and stretches, the Assault Course, maybe the kettle bells as well as some great jogs/runs around the 8 miles of private tracks on site. How about the fitness session pulling tyres around the 4 x 4 course - great training for Arctic crossings. Professional trainers provided who want you to have a great time.


Food for Free - Foraging

Fancy Foraging for Food? You have read the books and seen the documentaries but how easy would it be to live off the land. With nearly 70 acres of woodland and miles of ancient hedgerows the abundance of edible flora and fauna as well as animals is amazing. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn much more about the local environment but you will also have the opportunity to pick, pluck, dig up, catch something for your lunch and even take home. Probably just as important will be a few tips on what NOT to eat!

Food for Free - Foraging


Off Site Activities

Can be combined with any Half Day event at Arena

Go Ape

Go Ape could be described as a "tree top adventure". Breathtaking scenery; a smattering of tree-top wires, crossings and wind-in-your-face zip wires; finished off with a dose of people in search of their inner Tarzan. We kit people out, give them a safety briefing and training and let them out into the forest canopy, free to swing in the trees. Of course, instructors are always on hand. The result is spectacular. The Go Ape experience gets you out in the fresh air and it's just great fun.

Book Direct at

Pampering Experience

Combine a half day facing the challenges at Arena with being pampered in Knowle Grange Health Spa's tranquil treatment rooms.

Benefit from treatments from their fully qualified team or you can choose to swim in our heated Natural Spring Water pool or simply relax in the sauna or spa.

Book Direct at


Perfume Party for Hens

If the Hens plan to spend the day getting fit, active or muddy, why not finish the day with glass of bubbly and creating your own personalised perfumes courtesy of The Perfume Studio?

Enjoy a perfume mixology class and enter the world of bespoke perfumery. Hen Party guests get the chance to design a unique perfume that's completely individual to them, whilst enjoying some fizz.

All party guests will be taken on a sensory journey, sampling each of our 21 perfume blends and learn the basics of perfumery. Then after selecting their favourite scents, they choose a name for their unique perfume. While they sip bubbly and enjoy themselves, their perfume is hand blended by our perfume stylist, ready to take away with them on the day.

Find out more or to book, visit The Perfume Studio