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Single Activity Events
Team Tasks & Assault Course Quad Bike Trekking Paintball Games Clay Pigeon Shooting Orienteering Mountain Bike Orienteering Foraging Fitness Bootcamps

Multi Activity Events
00.7 Bond Stag and Hen Day Quad Biking & Honda Pilots Quad Biking & Clay Pigeon Shooting Quad Biking & Reverse Steer Vehicle Quad Biking, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing Reverse Steer, 2 Short Team Tasks & Canal Crossing Archery & Quad Biking Archery & Reverse Steer Vehicle Archery & Clay Pigeon Shooting Mix'n'Match

Small Groups

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Simply choose up to 4 activities to create your very own event. What better way is there to create the highlight of a Stag or Hen Weekend?

Stag or Hen goes FREE for all groups of 10 or more!*

*Excepting Paintball Games where Stag or Hen goes FREE for all groups of 15 or more.

Select from the events below...

Honda Pilots

Have you fancied being a rally driver - plenty of power slides and opposite lock driving? These bits of kit are ideal for bringing out the beast in all of us. Plenty of power, fully automatic and all the controls on the steering wheel.

Practice sessions and then timed laps against the clock. Overcook it on the corners and it is donut time!

Choose from

<< Honda Pilots

(£20 Supplement)


Quad Biking >>

and/or any of the events listed below

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is great fun and ideal for all levels of experience.

If you have not ridden them before our experienced Instructors are on hand to give you a thorough briefing before taking you out onto the 250 site. You will sample the parkland settings, some of the 10 miles of private tracks as well as the off road 4 x 4 course.

Canal Crossing Team Task

Raft building skills come to the fore as you must get every member of the team and a barrel of toxic waste from one side of the canal and back again without touching the water. Expect to get wet!

Reverse Steer Vehicle

Try the Reverse Steer Suzuki - turn the wheel left and you go right and vice versa. Blindfold the driver and really get the navigator working! This is truly a test of teamwork and trust.

Target Archery

Try your hand at Robin Hood and Maid Marian's second favourite pastime!

Find out what got her all aquiver.

Paintball Target Range


Do you think you have the makings of a marksman? Do you blame dodgy rifles at the fairground for the lack of prizes? Our Paintball Marker Guns which can be used to very satisfactorily obliterate the targets by covering them in paint. The better the shooting, the greater your bragging rights!

Activity Duration

Each activity would be an hour long with an initial 30 minute welcome and introductory briefing.

Group Size

Minimum group size is 10.


All participants must wear sturdy footwear, warm, waterproof clothing, long trousers, long-sleeved tops and thin gloves. Bring a complete change of warm kit & footwear. THIS IS ESSENTIAL THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.

Questions about Quad Biking?

We have created a Quad Biking FAQs page to help answer any questions you may have. Arena Pursuits' professional and experienced instructors are here to ensure that you ride safely and have fun!

Mix'n'Match with Honda Pilots

Prices per head (inc. VAT)

1 Activity : £109.00 - Duration : 1½ Hours

2 Activities : £129.00 - Duration : 2½ Hours

3 Activities : £149.00 - Duration : 3½ Hours

4 Activities : £169.00 - Duration : 4½ Hours

Mix'n'Match with/without Quad Biking

Prices per head (inc. VAT)

1 Activity : £89.00 - Duration : 1½ Hours

2 Activities : £109.00 - Duration : 2½ Hours

3 Activities : £129.00 - Duration : 3½ Hours

4 Activities : £149.00 - Duration : 4½ Hours